So…it’s Grammy season again…

I can remember a time that I used to get excited about the Grammy awards.  Yet today, I am at least a couple of decades beyond caring, and have absolutely no desire to sit through one of those interminable broadcasts.

Being a musical person, shouldn’t I be caring about things like this?  Well, OK.  Yes, it is an award of prestige to those who receive it, and it does go out to many who deserve some sort of recognition.

Thing is, after all of my years of having been around for it, I realize it for what it is: a popularity contest among industry insiders.  Nothing more.  It does not award talent–just look at a few of the wet noodles who have been nominated and won throughout the years, while deserving others barely get a nod.  It does not award sales–that is what Billboard’s annual awards used to celebrate.

Instead, it is partly a day for industry celebration.  It is also a spectacle that the television network can sell ad space on.  And as I’m sure will happen this year, some celebrities who can’t keep their mouths shut will leave some political turds in the Grammy punch bowl along the way.  (Look at the trainwreck that the Golden Globes were this year, where celebs couldn’t keep their personal butt-hurt to themselves.)

It also doesn’t help that the Grammy presentation itself has shoved many of the awards away from prime time viewing, presenting them prior to the televised portion of the awards show.  In essence, both snubbing and trivializing (even insulting) those artists who deserve more than a footnote in the grand scheme of things.

No, I’m done.  I’ve been done with the Grammys for years.  Watch it this Sunday if you must.  For me, it just takes away precious time from enjoying just about anything else in life.  I wish the nominees well, but they will have to celebrate without me.