The ultrasonic recipe

These are some observations of my current ultrasonic method.  Subject to change, as always.

  1. Ultrasonic bath uses a mix of diluted Tergitol and isopropyl alcohol.  I have not measured exact amounts yet.
  2. Filtered tap water for the ultrasonic is plenty good enough. Instapure R5 filtering is what I use; R8 is even better.
  3. Temperature between 35-40°C seems to work just fine.
  4. Cycles run about six minutes per rotation of the records.  I do at least two cycles, sometimes three for really grimy records.
  5. The rinse stage includes flooding the record surface with purified water (Aquafina is just fine) and vacuuming it off.
  6. Records air dry for a few minutes.  (This is so any remaining droplets around the edge and label will evaporate. The grooves are already dry.)
  7. Cleaned records go into new archival  record sleeves.

Running a 12 minute cycle is about perfect–it allows ample time to rinse, vacuum and sleeve three records, and load up the pucks with another three records to clean.

I only clean in stretches of one hour.  That is the duty cycle for the record vac and the ultrasonic bath.

This results in 15 records cleaned per hour.


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