Crosley C10 turntable review

Analog Planet has finally issued a review on the Crosley C10 turntable.

Verdict:  it’s basically a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, which is a solid entry-level turntable.  It ships with an Ortofon OM-10 cartridge already installed, and setup is reduced to installing the counterweight and adjusting it.

My recommendation for an immediate upgrade would be to replace the OM-10 with perhaps a Nagaoka MP-200 or Audio Technical 440ML (if you have a way to tame its brightness through loading), or other good MM cart.

The bonus is that it might introduce some unfortunate Crosley novelty turntable owners to quality playback, and encourage them to upgrade and hear what vinyl really should sound like…unless their cheap record players haven’t destroyed their records.  It also sells through more traditional retail channels, making it easier for buyers to purchase.  Being a Pro-Ject means that many of the upgrades should work with it, including an upgrade to the acrylic platter which many observe creates a not-so-subtle improvement in sound quality.


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