The Record Collector Guide :: Under Construction

In today’s marketplace, it pays to be a cautious collector.  Whether you are prefer vinyl, tape or digital, our pastime of collecting music is one that takes a considerable amount of time, space, and money.  The goal of the Record Collector Guide is to get right to the heart of the matter, with the important information you need as a collector.  While we will primarily feature vinyl on our site, we will remain open to all media, and open to all visitors who wish to participate.

Science:  How do we properly set up a turntable, or care for our vinyl collection?  How can we maintain our aging tape decks?  What types of digital formats are there, and what options do we have for playback?  These and other questions and answers will help you with your collecting and playback concerns.

Sound Quality:  Outside of format considerations, what is the best version of an album by a particular artist?  While we will never definitively answer that, we will offer consensus guidelines, containing opinions from around the Internet, as well as those of our visitors and contributors.  We also hope to dispel rumors that end up costing collectors more than they should spend.

Fame or Shame:  Want to read praise for a job well done?  Or better yet, want to be alerted to releases that might feature good sound quality, but suffer from poor manufacturing quality control (especially in vinyl)?  We will be the soapbox to expose these products, warts and all.

Where to Buy:  We won’t cover it much here, but our companion site, the Record Store Guide (also under construction) will be a subsequent project to bring a socially-driven edge to shopping for records in the areas you live or travel in.